Wednesday, 25 November 2009

ConsensusDOCS 310 green building addendum released

ConsensusDOCS just released the construction industry's first and only comprehensive standard contract document addressing the elevated risks and complex responsibilities in green building projects -- the ConsensusDOCS 310 Green Building Addendum.

Key elements include:

*Establishes project participants' roles and responsibilities

*Identifies critical implementation steps to successfully achieve a LEED rating or other green goals

*Defines "green" terminology, green work scope, and clarifies legal risks

*Coordinates various project participants efforts to cooperate and resolve potential objections for a range of issues

*Can be used with any standard contract document, including the family of ConsensusDOCS contracts.

To receive a free copy of the guidance document, an excerpted sample, or to purchase, visit The 310, like all ConsensusDOCS, was developed by a unique coalition of 23 leading construction organizations with designer, owner, contractor, subcontract, and surety members.

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